Last Day On Earth Survival Guide For Beginners

Last day on earth survival tips and tricks

Who doesn’t love to play unique and interactive games with impressive gameplay where being the one in bad conditions is the main task? Well, I do and many avid gamers also have the same thing. Last Day on Earth Survival is the popular mobile title from Kefir!

In order to reach on apex and being the top gamer, various factors require consideration. Mainly, earning currency is first thing whereas you have the collectibles to pay attention on. From crafting a base to finding food are the important things.

This Last Day On Earth Survival Guide will help you know about –

Last day on Earth survival offers you a great way to enjoy something new. You can download this game free of cost and if you want to get the extreme fun then this game is right for you. This free to play gameplay offers in-app purchases to grab more resources of need. And it can come handy in the need.

Top 3 Last Day On Earth Survival collectibles and Crafting Tips

In order to reach on apex, you should focus on the pure basics otherwise it is tough to progress. We are mentioning few Last Day On Earth Survival Tips helpful in going well and being a strong contender.

  • Gathering and crafting are the basics of this game. Here, you should get whatever comes in the path. Each item will be used lately and when it comes to building a strong base, you need to use all the gathered items. It can be tough in starting but later on, you can grab hands on higher amount of resources.
  • A strong base is required to keep you safe. First of all, you should create fencing so no zombie or other animals can come inside. It also protect from other players’ attack that’s why make a strong fencing. In beginning, you just have a open area but lately, you can improve it.
  • The game offers the number of RPG elements and crafting is vital that’s why you should know what to collect and what to dump. It is highly important when you are away from the base and there are lots of things to collect.

These three are basics of the game playing an important role in winning. If you don’t want to face any kind of issue then must focus on these and you should learn to progress well.

Vital Factors To Focus On

As mentioned before, crafting is vital to be the last day on earth. However, the currency is also important and you should earn a higher amount for sure. You can grab your hands easily on it. Coin is the primary currency of the game and you can earn a good amount by taking down more zombies and monsters. On the other hand, it is also able to provide you a decent amount of XP. If you don’t want to face any kind of  issue then must focus on getting XP because it help in faster progression and getting a good amount of resources as well as leveling up. This Last Day On Earth Survival Walkthrough will help in getting more currencies and let you know the vital factors requiring most of the attention in game.

 Need of Resources in Last Day On Earth Survival

Currencies are required in getting the right stuff according to need. You can get the crafting items and it is also a good option in getting the higher amount of safety equipment. In order to stay safe, the resources are ready to lay a hand but make sure to spend it wisely otherwise you can face issues later on.

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The higher amount can be acquired by leveling up or completing quests. You can get it in exchange of real money but make sure to choose the right method so that issues can be avoided. The starter pack is the best buy but we recommend playing and earning instead of focusing on the in-app purchase store.

Method To Survive in The Game

Almost everyone think that survival is easy but it isn’t true yet! Many important factors require attention. Last day on Earth game has the unique quests where you need to grab the higher amount of resources and focus on crafting items to build a strong base. Tough tasks can be eradicated by playing and experiencing the game.  On the other hand, you should choose the right armory.

Secondly, food is important to survive. There are many methods to get it out but all of them aren’t good as the armory bases because you can get food for sure. If you are not able to get the food dropped by military planes then their bases are best one to go with. It is quite more reliable than other methods.

Door – Why So Important?

Even creating fencing won’t help much because you need to keep one place open so that you can go out and in but if you use a door then it can disconnect the outer world with your base. It is easy and you can stay away from zombies, wild animals, and others. Get a good and strong door so that you can make the base way better than before. On the other hand, the exploration can be the best part of your tactic. It will help in laying hands on new and important items.  Even it also lets you get required stuff like food and other. Keep on exploring and getting currencies.

As we mentioned that coins are vital and if you don’t want to spend money on in-app purchases then many online sources can help. But, it isn’t the truth yet. You can face so many issues by using such sources. It can be harmful to rely on them this is why you should avoid such websites and methods.

Final Words

The HD map offered is a good help because you can remember some of the places to hide and navigate to get back to base. You can find the red spot on the map indicating the zone full of resources. Well, you should head over these places but don’t let your guard down. It can be harmful because you can end up attacked by others.

Avoid running freely, always stay on alert mode while heading to high-density places and choose the right armory so that you take down opponent faster. Zombies are hard to kill but a single headshot is enough to take too much power that’s why you should rely on these methods.

Lastly, you can use the Last Day On Earth Survival mods to attain endless currency and progressing faster.

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