Kick the Buddy Hack Cheats Free Gold Bucks No Survey

If you are looking for kick the buddy hack or cheats which can get you unlimited gold and bucks in the game, Then you have come to the right place, Checkout our legit and working kick the buddy hack and cheats which are tested and working fine for both android and iOS devices.

But before getting started with the hacks we need to introduce the game to everyone so lets get started.

Introduction to Kick the Buddy Game

Kick the buddy is a stress relieving game created by the prominent game production, Playgendary Games. Kick the buddy game is very exciting for gamers because you got a chance to express all your anger on the doll. The game has downloaded by more than one million peoples from the Google play store.

The graphics of the game are attractive and the play store rates the content of the kick the buddy game as 7+. The game contains gentle cruelty which is quite funny and will make you laugh when you are playing the game.

kick the buddy hack no survey

Kick the Buddy

There are many diverse goods in the game which helps you to beat your buddy in the game. The mechanism of the kick the buddy is very simple, which haven’t any type of energy system.

The Ultimate Kick the Buddy Hack And Cheats No Survey

Below we have listed some of the best kick the buddy hacks and cheats which you can use to gain unlimited gold and cash in the game,

Earn Gold And Bucks By Login Daily : –  Nowadays, every game features rewards from the daily logins, Kick the buddy is also featuring amazing rewards from the daily login from your account to the game. You need net connectivity to grab cool things form the daily rewards.

You can earn many bucks from the daily login in the game. The game gives 350 to 1500 bucks by daily logins. This is the best way to earn free gold and bucks in kick the buddy; daily logins give some things which you cannot find in the game weapons and other items store.

Thrash cruelly buddy in the game :- There are many weapons in the game which needs bucks to buy them in the endless war of buddy and you. Earning the bucks in the kick the buddy game is very effortless, you just need to beat the buddy continuously, by beating him you can earn bucks.

Mostly try to use grenades like explosives, these beating items will make efficient damage to the buddy and helps to make money and huge bucks.

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Wait till buddy come alive again : – After huge attacks if buddy is died, and is in the dead position then beating buddy is not useful for us because, when the buddy died in the game, your attacks will not affect him and you get nothing, at that time just give rest your fingers and wait for the buddy to come in alive position.

There is a dustbin in the right bottom corner of the screen, you can use it after buddy is died, and the new alive buddy instant comes in the beating box, you can quickly start earning bucks by attacking this new buddy without wasting time.

Buy the gold by micro transactions through the game : – Earning the gold in the kick the buddy is only possible by using online generator, You can generate unlimited gold and bucks using online generator in kick the buddy game, You just need to find the real working online generator to make it work. To equipped weapon which wants gold to buy is like dream, because you just got gold by giving real money or in-exchange with real money.

kick the buddy hack no human verification

There are many packages for the gold like, kick the buddy game features gold packages from a pinch of gold to safe the gold you can buy 100 gold bricks in just 1 dollar only and 2330 bricks with safe of gold in just 20 dollars.

Don’t waste real money on the packages of the bucks : –  There are also the packages of the bucks available in the store, but just avoid to buy them cause you can earn bucks very easily by just beating buddy and the most important thing is that the game basic paying mechanism is made for beat buddy and earn bucks.

The packages of the bucks have same values like the gold packages, but only have the amount of the bucks in all those packages is 10 times greater and more than gold packages.

Connect your device with internet and grab all free gears of the weapons and other items : – When you are exploring the lobbies of the weapons, decorations, and entertaining items in the game, you can find many goods have tagged with the free label. You can grab those things absolutely free; you just need net connectivity with your device only.  

To grab those things you need to watch ad videos, invite friends, join and follow their Instagram account or social networking accounts.

How to Hack Kick the Buddy Game Legally

Kick the buddy has very simple but attention-grabbing game. Player need to beat the buddy, by just tapping on the buddy, you got the bucks for beating the buddy.

There are only two currencies in the game, one is gold and another one is bucks. To play the game you just need to tap on the buddy, and he automatically gets slapped and punched by you. Every effective attack on the buddy gives you bucks which add in you bucks, and you can use them to buy some cool weapons.

In the left upper screen, you can see a small corner of hanging red colored cloth, pull it down, and then you can see tabs for buddy background decorations, weapons which named as stuff there, other items, and buddy’s stuff. The player can play kick the buddy in the offline mode, but to grab other cool objects in the game he needs the net-connectivity.

When you pick-up any gun from the guns section you need to learn to fire it effectively, just tap on screen point the line towards buddy and pull your finger to opposite side of point direction, then it will fire automatically. All weapon in the game has unlimited ammo.

Stay tuned with us for more new updates of the kick the buddy and more updates of the new games.


So in this article we got an idea about how to get unlimited gold and bucks in kick the buddy game using simple hack and cheats, We also looked into the kick the buddy generator for gold and bucks. Was this article is helpful for you? If yes, then please share it with your friends. Is there is any common topic to cover-up by us then comment in our comment section.

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