Important Tips To Play Castle Crush Game

Castle crush is a popular game from Fun Games for Free studio which isn’t free exactly. This Freemium game offers in-app purchases for the resources. The game was offered for iOS only in earlier stages but now, it is available for Android also and it has popularity across the globe.

The game is all about card battle and the option to play against players from the entire world make it more impressive. The vivid graphics, interactive features and awesome gameplay is behind the popularity. You need to collect cards, upgrade them and use in battle. The same goes for the spells offered by developers. You are also able to lead the army to the path of success and the most important factor is the 40 troops.

castle crush tips and tricks

Castle Crush

There is one legendary rarity card and only few lucky gamers can get it. The TCGRTS game offers the defense of elements like tower. In order to progression well, the below given Castle Crush Tips can lay a hand and let you achieve victory.

Ample Protection For Ranged Attackers

The deadliest troops of Castle Crush are Ranged attackers. As they can deal a great damage from a distance, they can consume so many power of opponent and you can target the weak zones to reduce the ability to opponent. However, the Ranged attackers are more fragile than anyone else in the game.

Opponent’s few attacks on Ranged attackers can destroy them but if you provide an ample protection then opponent will keep on struggling with other troopers and the ranged attackers will be taking down the opponent.

It is easy and quite reliable; however, it can be done with a strategy. You should dispatch these troops randomly and in different sets so that you can keep the opponent busy and don’t let him come closer. There are many more castle crush tricks like this one and you can check them out for better gameplay.

If the opponent uses same technique then you can use ranged attacked against opponent’s. It will be offering a great damage and it is quite reliable too. As if nothing works, use the small unique sets and try to keep the opponent busy in other things. It will be better option and you can rely on it due to the number of benefits offered. Tanks are way better to use in such conditions.

Building A Balanced Deck

The game is all about building a powerful deck of cards but if you want to be the not gamer then keeping it balanced is important. Well, this Castle Crush Walkthrough let you know the method to balance a good deck and the easiest method also. You can rely on it to progress well. It is common in almost every CCG/TCG or the card battler game.

The melee attackers, Ranged troops and others are highly powerful in all kind of them but the question arrive is that which one to use. Well, mix up all of them and then come up with an effective strategy. It can be time consuming and tough because many factors require the attention and proper use of cards. Know more about melee and ranged attackers first.

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Use melee attackers for defense and ranged attacker for offense is best way to take down opponent that’s why you can rely on it and obtain higher number of currencies on winning. Make sure to use troops using less Mana as it is limited for the attack.

Tips For The Opening Of Chest

Castle Crush offer chests to obtain more currencies. And some of the chests are able to provide cards too. You can rely on it due to the number of benefits. Make sure to open maximum number of chests possible. The Castle Crush Mods offer legendary chests free of cost and provide great benefits.

Before closing the game, you can open chests and you can set an interval for opening of game as if you are not willing to playing it for long hours. The silver chest take a little time to open up and you can try out unlocking it and grabbing the rewards in next turns.

It is way better option and you can rely on it due to the number of benefits offered by it. Even you can get rarer cards and others by this method too.

Have A Good Start With Three Lanes

Gamers who have played CCG/TCG veteran may know the benefits of using three lanes and if you don’t know about it then let me introduce you with the basics. You can have an offensive start with the three lanes offered.

The more lanes you cover, the more damage opponent have to deal. It increases the chances of confusing opponent and tackling him down.

Even it become so typical to attack back by the opponent and this is the reason that you can call this method as the best one and take down higher number of opponent. Almost every expert gamer use this method and you can know more about it by checking out the Castle Crush Review from the expert.

Buy Cards

You can buy cards in castle crush and if you want to get the best one then there are total three types to choose from. It is easy to obtain common, epic and rare cards by using this method and it is quite reliable due to the number of benefits offered and the ease of obtaining one. There are three slots and each one have different level and require different level of mana.

As mentioned to have a balanced deck, you should get the right cards in the deck and always use these faster than opponent but keep the strategy in mind. It will be helpful in obtaining higher power and dealing with more damage. The use of ranged attackers with melee is great combo but tactic matters the most.

Come up with unique tactic and try to observe the attacks of opponent so it becomes easy to take down the opponent. You can try it out and win with ease.

Final Words

These are the important factors that you have to take into consideration otherwise wining over opponent is tough task. This Castle Crush Guide will be a helping hand for beginners and it is the reason to focus on all the factors mentioned above. Make sure to learn the pure basics from the tutorial offered by the developers. These will let you know the method to use a troop and the method of taking down opponent. Even it will let you get used to the interface and rich on apex.

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