Homescapes Hack Cheats No Survey No Download Free Coins Stars

Homescapes Hack and Cheats is all that we need to get free stars and coins in the Homescapes game.

All the efforts we do for collecting the required amount of stars and coins in homescapes are not always satisfied for us. Because our requirement of coins and stars itself never ends in this game.

In this case, we only have two options in front of us. One is to simply buy these resource from game and keep playing happily. In fact, most of us always do this anyway.

But not everyone is as lucky as we are when it comes to spend real money for getting in-game resources.

So, the other option left with these people is to search for some homescapes hacks to get free stars and coins.

But unfortunately, they get fooled by multiple online websites that offer free homescapes hack no survey verification or coins generator.

Although, we know that the only way to get stars in homescapes is to complete match 3 levels and earn them. You even cannot buy stars just like you can buy coins in the game very easily.

No, I am not going to suggest you to go for homescapes stars hack or generator. Instead, I am definitely going to share some unique tips, tricks and hacks for collecting more stars than usual and how to make an effective use of your coins and stars in the homescapes game.

Before moving ahead, if you are new to homescapes game and don’t have an idea about this game, then following paragraph is only for you.

How to Play Homescapes Game?

As name suggests, Homescapes Game is a home decorative game based on match-3 puzzle system. This game is developed by Playrix and it is a cousin of its earlier variant from the same developer called Gardenscapes.

Gardenscapes game is based on decorating your garden; whereas homescapes is based on decorating your home. Both the games provide us a small video clip on their first introduction to us. This video clip explains the in-depth story about the very important in-game character called Austin.

Both the game stories served around Austin in various situations. In homescapes game, you as a player need to help Austin in decorating his mansion where his old parents are still living.

In order to decorate the mansion, you need stars. Stars can only be obtained through completing match-3 puzzles in the game. Your journey starts from decorating the hall and ends with the last room of the mansion.

To beat match-3 levels, you can use 5 lives at a time. You must solve the puzzles before your lives get exhausted, or else you need to buy 5 lives for 900 coins or you need to wait thirty minutes to get one free live from the game.

Coins can also be used to replace anything that is already decorated by you or to buy some boosters in match 3 levels. Boosters are your helpers in solving match-3 levels. Let’s move on for now because we are going to discuss all about boosters and all the necessary things in further more.

Homescapes Stars and Coins Generator: You Must Know About

You will find lots of homescapes coins generator online claiming that you can get unlimited free coins and stars for homescapes game without investing a single penny.

These homescapes hack tool sites represent themselves as they just have homescapes hacked and they are just giving away free coins and stars to everyone who will reach to them.

They claim that you can use their online generator and generate unlimited stars and coins for your game without any issue. You can use homescapes hack without survey verification. But this is not the case at all.

Believe me, they don’t. They will never give you free stars and coins for the game because they simply cannot do it. The coins and stars are the virtual properties of homescapes game and no one can hack homescapes game that easily.

Remember, all these homescapes hack and coins generators you see online are fake. They don’t work at all. These websites just scam you and earn real money from you.

It is better to stay away from such websites who claim to have homescapes hack no human verification.

How to Get Free Coins and Stars in Homescapes? {Real Ways}

When we talk about the real ways to get free coins and stars in homescapes game, unfortunately we have only several options with us to do so. But, do not worry, using some tips and tricks you can easily manage to earn more resources than usual in less time.

homescapes hack


As we know already, you can get stars only by beating match 3 levels in the game. That means we don’t have any other option to get free stars in homescapes game. But we can use the best strategy anyone can ever use when it comes to stars. We will discuss about that strategy later below.

However, when it comes to coins, we are fortunate that we have some pretty cool homescapes cheats for you.

These are:

  1. Daily Login Bonus

You can receive as much as 100 free coins by just login daily in the homescapes game. Not only coins, but you can also get free boosters like bombs, paper plane and rockets.

Daily login bonus is the best way to get free coins in homescapes game when it comes to get free coins in homescapes.

  1. Beat Match 3 Puzzles

Match 3 puzzles are the best way given by the game for us to earn free coins and stars easily. All you need to do is just beat as much match 3 levels as you can. By beating match 3 level, you are not only eligible to get stars, but also reward coins for beating the level.

Additionally, when you beat any level, you automatically get level up in your game to unlock new rooms of the mansion. I know it is also very slow and traditional way to get coins and stars but believe me, other than buying coins, this is the only easy way to get free coins and stars in homescapes.

  1. Complete Your Days

Just like regular day in our real life, there is also a day in your game. You have to do several tasks each day with the help of “to do list” available in your game app.

Once completed your to do list, you get rewarded with free coins or boosters to use in your match 3 levels. Mostly you get around 500 free coins for each game day completion. So try to complete game days rapidly and earn free coins easily.

  1. Say Welcome To Events

In-game events are very great opportunities to earn some extra coins and boosters in homescapes game. Take part in events and try to complete them within given time. There are lots of events which are regular ones and happens regularly after every limited time period.

Winning in these events will bring you more surprise rewards including bulk amount of free coins also.

  1. Read Your Mails

Make sure to read all your mails in game on regular basis. From your settings tab, you can read all your emails from various in-game characters easily.

Sometimes, your social work for your in-game society brings you free gifts in the form of coins from various in-game characters like your city mayor, your friends and other peoples from game.

These are some of the homescapes cheats you should be aware of to get additional free coins in the game.

Best Strategy to Use Homescapes Resources

In order to play homescapes like a master, you should know this trick which am going to share with you. This trick will not only share your time and money but also be helpful for you in utilizing your coins and stars in the game.

So here we go…

Most of the people do both the tasks (decoration and puzzle solving) at the same time one by one. But this is not the right way to get more out of this game. You should first collect lots of coins as well as stars by only beating match 3 levels one by one.

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Yes, you can beat match 3 levels one by one without any hustle. Just tap on your level at the bottom right corner and start beating match 3 levels.

This way, you will not only save your time for going back and solving match 3;s again and again to decorate the home but also you will be able to invest your earned coins and stars uninterruptedly in your game.

So first collect coins and stars by beating match 3 levels and then use them continuously in completing daily tasks. You will start noticing that your days are getting completed very fast than ever when you use these cheats for homescapes.

How to Beat Match 3 Levels easily?

Beating hard levels in homescapes game is not that hard actually. If you got sufficient Boosters and Power ups with you, you can easily beat any hard match 3 level with ease.

Boosters are the helping hands you can buy for yourself to use them while playing match 3 levels. When used, these boosters will destroy all the hurdles available in your match 3 levels. and make it easier for you to win the level easily.

If one wants to use boosters then we must have coins in order to buy them and use them in levels, as boosters are not free to get.

Power ups are also very important helping hand you can use in your match 3 level for the same purpose. Even power ups work same like boosters works.

The only difference between boosters and power ups is that boosters are paid ones and can be stored in your account to use later. However, power ups are free and you need to create them on your own by matching more than 3 elements in a single move to create them in your match 3 level. Also, you cannot use power ups later in your next puzzle.

The Conclusion

While summing up this article, we can now come to the conclusion that you can get free stars and coins in homescapes game by using the real homescapes hack without human verification and surveys at all.

Real tips and guides will always help you getting free coins and stars faster than usual. and one should use them on regular basis.

We also have covered the topic about homescapes coin generator and how they fool people by offering homescapes coin hack, which is nothing but the hoax.

We have learned the best strategy to move on in the game faster than ever by doing the two major tasks one by one with ease.

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