Free Instagram Followers and Likes Hack 2018 {Legit Methods}

Your search for How to get free Instagram followers? Will end here. Because we are going to discuss about real Instagram followers hack and tricks you can use to get unlimited followers on Instagram in a very less time.

Sometimes we come to know that our efforts are not enough to bring us that much Instagram followers on our own. In that case, we start searching ways to get free Instagram followers instantly.

Fortunately, is always there to help you out from such a tricky situations. We have solutions for all your problems related on getting free Instagram followers and likes for your account.

However, we don’t have that magic stick in our hand which will bring you Instagram followers free by just swinging it around. You will still need to do/give something in order to get something… and this is the fact.

As we all know, nothing is free for us in this world!!

No, I am not talking about that fake Instagram generator. I am talking about how to increase followers on Instagram by using 100% legit ways?

In order to get free followers on Instagram, first we need to understand what the Instagram is all about and how it works? Then only we can figure out some of the working Instagram follower’s hacks and tricks to increase Instagram followers in our account.

Instagram – How It Works?

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social network entity owned by Facebook. Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has proven itself one of the most trending social network with over one million registered users in just two months of its launch.

Seeking upcoming competition and future need, Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 for nearly $1 billion in the form of cash and stocks.

Instagram is today’s biggest social network dedicated specially to photos and video feeds. Users love to share their stories on Instagram and try to grab attention of their loved ones every time.

Instagram is not only a social media service but also has become the biggest market place for businesses like cosmetics industry, clothing and various lifestyle and fashion related products.

You can follow, like your friends and loved ones on this platform. Simultaneously, people who know you or like your profile will also follow you. The more followers means the more audience you are bringing to your attention. Instagram is the best marketplace for those who are in the field of Social Media Influencing.

Social Media Influencers earn money by influencing people with any brand, service or products on Instagram. The more followers they have, the more they get paid for their single influencing post.

Social Influence is the only reason why people are getting more attracted to this field of influencing others on Instagram and making some money easily.

Don’t get me wrong here on “easy money”. Social media influencing is not an easy task. You need to do lots of hard work in order to grab someone’s attention on Instagram. Without the quality and decent posts, you cannot attract any Instagram user and encourage him/her to follow you anyway.

Now that we know how Instagram works, let’s get back to our main topic on free ig followers.

Easy Hacks for Instagram Free Followers and Likes Instantly

free instagram followers no survey

We have mentioned few tricks below for you to understand how to get free Instagram followers without surveys and verification at all.

As we know earlier, you cannot have something without giving something. Keeping this rule in mind, we have categorized some of the working ways for you to get 1000 plus free followers on Instagram instantly on your own.

Method 1.

Use Social Media Exchange Websites to gain Instagram followers free for your account.

Don’t you know what are they?

Let me explain their work in details..!

Social media exchange websites are the platforms where millions of users from various social networks gather together and create a suitable atmosphere to get followed from each other and increase their fan base artificially.

These websites works like a medium between two users of any social media platform. You need to register their with your social media profile like for Instagram, you need to enter your username of Instagram profile and login to your Instagram account with that particular website.

Once you logged in, you can start following, liking and sharing other users profile from your account. By doing so, you will receive some kind of points in your account. The more you like, share, follow, the more points you collect.

Once you have collected enough points with you, use these points to get free followers and likes for your Instagram account. The more points you gained, the more free insta followers you can get.

“Do Not Worry… You Aren’t Breaking Any Rules…!

By using these methods, you are not breaking any rules of Instagram’s Terms and Conditions. These are not unethical Instagram followers hack, these are genuine tricks. You can easily use them whenever and wherever you want to use them. Because these methods are 100% legal.”

Now let us see some of the working examples of such websites which are good to start with this method.

  1. Like4Like {}

Like4Like is the best example of social media exchange website. You can simply signup to like4like and start using their service as I stated above.

Like4Like supports all the popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus.

Earn points by liking, sharing following others profile on the website and use these points later on to get free Instagram likes and followers.

The process is simple yet effective. Because all the likes and followers you get from this method are genuine and from original users of Instagram. These followers never drop because they are followed by real person like you and me.

The good news with it is that you don’t need to complete any kind of offers or surveys to get free Instagram followers. That means you will get instafollowers free no survey at all. This is the best site for Instagram followers.

  1. FollowLike {}

FollowLike is also one of the best option you can choose to get free followers Instagram. This site actually works in variety of social activities. Rather than focusing only on social media, this platform has a lot for you. You can grow your businesses, websites, videos from YouTube, get real insta followers, and much more.

All you have to do is just register your account with your Instagram id and people will start engaging with your content automatically.

Additionally, the points system will allow you to help grow others account by doing the same thing what you do to get free Instagram followers without survey.

  1. Follow4Follow {}

Follow4Follow is another one great website you can use in order to get free Instagram followers without human verification. The overall concept of the website is same as all above mentioned, however, you have an additional feature available here to choose whom you can follow. You can simply skip those users whom you don’t want to follow in order to earn points only.

As far as gaining free followers and likes are concerned, the choice feature unfortunately slows down our rate to gain Instagram followers rapidly. Hence, this website got 3rd rank in our list.

  1. LikesPlanet {}

LikesPlanet is another website with the same features you can use to have free Instagram likes as well as followers for your account.

This website not only works for Instagram, but also for Facebook followers, Youtube Subscribers, Google Plus shares, Twitter followers, Blog Traffic, SEO Bookmarking and much more. Earning points and spending them for the same purpose is the key of success in such exchange websites. And LikesPlanet is the best example of one of the exchange websites.

  1. TraffUp {}

For speed and reliability, TraffUp is well known in the exchange websites. You can simply trust on TraffUp for sharing your Instagram profile on this website because from years this website is serving its users fast, reliable and uninterrupted service.

You can get instant results on your insta account for followers and likes. This website only focus on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter users. This is the reason why they are prompt and fast in their service.

Method 2.

free instagram followers no human verification

Frankly speaking, it’s been so long we have tested this method earlier. But now, we are not sure if will it work for you or not. But still, giving it a try is nothing to lose.

The second method is to Test the Paid Services for Free.

We cannot deny to the fact that there are several online websites available out there who are willing to provide us thousands of paid Instagram followers within the period of several days or weeks.

I am sure that the way before reading this article, you must have been aware of this fact already. But have you tried to get a test run of followers and likes from such websites for yourself?

I guess your answer would be No.

Is it?

Because we don’t think that way. Our main goal is always on whether to find free Instagram followers hack or to use insta followers generator. Despite knowing that Instagram followers generators are fake and they never work, we still try them repeatedly.

Instead, try this…

Go online and search for any paid service provider who is ready to give you any number of followers and likes you want against real money.

They will surely have a live chat box on any corner of their website. Start the chat and ask for discount first. If they are responding you very well (what they usually do), ask them for a trial run on your Instagram account for free. Convince them as you are going to buy there service once you received sum amount of likes and followers. Mostly, 99% of the providers should be ready to make a deal with you. Simply give them your insta username and wait…

If they are real, they will definitely provide you the test results. If they are misusing Instagram service, why don’t you fool them by just asking a test run? You are not forced to buy their package after your test run by the way.

After receiving sum amount of followers, you can deny them giving order easily giving any reason. More or less they will have your email id and that’s all.

How to Get Free Instagram Followers on Your Own?

instagram followers and like hack

There are two types of people who wants Instagram followers anyhow to their accounts.

  1. Those who just wanted to show off others by getting more and more fake or unrelated Instagram followers anyhow, whether they are collected through free Instagram followers hack, generator or using ighack. Mostly this category is filled with teenagers, high school students and below 18 peoples. They may risk their account using any Instagram followers cheat easily. But one thing is clear, they will never make use of such followers collected from any kind of unethical way in the long run.
  2. Those who have their own goals with their followers and wants to influence their Instagram followers using products and services of various high quality brands. Those who willing to do it, will always go with the real, long, and hard way of earning real Instagram followers anyhow.

Now the fact is, you could manage to get Instagram followers free without human verification or doing surveys. But you cannot influence those followers with your content. Because they are only made to follow; they are not convertible at all.

On the other hand, the followers you have earned slowly and steadily in your account is already influenced by your content only and they are following you only for your content. That means they can be easily convertible to the product or services you are showing to them.

Now, what are the tricks and guides you can use to increase your followers easily?

In short, we are learning the steps to become an Instagram influencer…

Let us find out below.

  1. Be Active On Instagram Regularly

One of the most important and must need step for you is to be regular on your Instagram account. Being regular doesn’t mean that you should check your Instagram account 4-5 times a day.

It means you should not stop signing in your account for so long without any valid reason. The more regular you will be in the Instagram, the more you are aware of latest things going on in the Instagram.

Also don’t post those posts which are none of your business. Keep your Instagram account clear and fare for display to your follower. More unnecessary posts is equal to less genuine followers.

  1. Post Quality Content Only

Your each and every post you write on your insta account is reaching to all your followers automatically. If you want these followers to stay connected with you, then you must have to post only quality content on your posts.

Avoid posting gibberish content, content that doesn’t make any sense, or your personal opinion about any tangible or intangible things, avoid hating content.

Remember, your Instagram account is the only way you can earn reputation and unfortunately it is the only way you can lose your reputation also.

Your one wrong post, and you can lose all your followers just like a snap of the finger of the thanos.

  1. Use Cool Instagram Captions in your Posts

A post with a good title will always grab more attention than a post with the average title. Here in the Instagram, Captions are nothing but the titles of your posts and that should look interesting to read to your users.

Try to improve you’re your captions in the posts. Learn from others, how other successful influencers use captions in their posts, how you can utilize your caption with more engagement to your users. Take help from online think tanks to generate some cool Instagram captions.

  1. Read Your Followers Mind

Always keep testing your followers and try to read their mind. Try to search what else they like more about you and work on the thing they like the most in you.

The best way to read your followers is to conduct question and answers session with your followers, go live on Instagram and chat with them face to face. Take a public poll on any topic with your followers.

These little things will automatically keep you engaging with your followers and you can easily figure out the quality in you which have attracted your followers towards you.

Once you got your plus point, then it is time to improve it even more for your future posts.

  1. Go for Insta-Stories

Those who are following you by your work will always hungry to hear from you. No matter how many times you go live on Instagram, how many times you posts an update, your status and all those things. Everything makes your real follower hungrier to know more about you.

Why not to try insta stories then? Insta stories is amazing feature available in Instagram where you can share your thoughts on broader levels with your audience.

You can write anything about yourself in the insta stories. Remember, if your follower is interested in your personal lives, then s/he is your true follower.

  1. Share Good Things, Spread Love

Your Instagram account is not only for promoting brands and generating sales. These followers are after all human beings and they need love, respect and motivation from influencers like you.

Sharing good things with your followers always works. If there is any sharable thing that can give anybody a pleasure, do share it and collect love. People give love to those who spread love.

Your one good share can also bring your popularity many times than ever. So share love and collect free followers for your insta account.

  1. Promote Your Instagram Account

Nowadays, everyone have minimum 2 social media accounts where s/he is active and have a good impression on followers on each social media account.

You can promote your own Instagram account on any other social media platform where you are equally active as here in Instagram.

Cross-promoting 2 social media accounts works very well if you are doing it for the first time. However, doing it regularly after 1-2 months gap is also very effective when it comes to get free followers on Instagram.

This is what you can all do to increase your followers on Instagram.

However, we have also mentioned some of the shortcuts or we can say Instagram tricks to get followers.

But one thing you must have to consider that we are strongly refused to the use of free Instagram followers hack tool or cheats and generators because this is nothing but a waste of time and today we all know that.

Instead of using free Instagram followers no survey verification, you should go with the legit ways to add followers on your Instagram account.

Because all these free Instagram followers apps and generator tools are illegal to use and you may compromise with your account if you got caught using them.

The Conclusion

When we analyze all the above mentioned data and come to the conclusion, we see that there are various ways available to get free followers on Instagram, not only followers but likes and shares also.

It is upon you to choose the right ways for you and grow in the Instagram community. Basically, shortcuts are there to get Instagram followers instantly but they are not permanent and niche effective.

If your only goal is to be famous among your friends, then you can use these shortcut methods to get free Instagram followers no survey verification.

However, if your motive is to bring some real money using your Instagram account, then in my opinion the only way for you to grow your Instagram followers is by doing it on your own. You need to do hard work on your account by posting quality content, sharing good thoughts, engaging with your followers and much more tricks I have shown in this article.

Now that you know how to get free Instagram followers without using hack tools and generators by only using real methods, feel free to spread this information with your friends if you like it.

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