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flip the gun hack cheats free money

Flip The Gun

Looking for flip the gun hack and cheats which can get you free unlimited coins? Then you should read this article until the end to find the real working tips and tricks which might help you in this process. But first lets understand basics and introduction to flip the gun game.

The action-packed shooting arcade games are always iconic games in the gaming industry. Most of the gamers give first preference to the shooting and arcade games, these games are always the first choice for them, therefore, the playgendary games gaming company launched new one arcade game in the gaming industry, named as the flip the gun.

The name of the game wills shows that this game has something amazing twist in it, and this is true, this is a shooting game but have a very special twist.

The playgendary game has released flip the gun on 25 April 2018 worldwide, and the game is specially made for the android and iOS devices. Flip the gun game has downloaded by the millions of  people only in one week, and total 31.4 k peoples gave incredible ratings to the game on the playstore.

This game got 4.4 ratings on both android and iOS device platforms. Game occupies 60 MB of space for Android devices and 202 MB for the iOS devices.

This is shooting game with a special twist; therefore the game has 15 cool guns of the prototype from various famous film weapons.

Walkthrough of Flip The Gun

Usually, We think that the shooting is not too hard for playing. In this game there is no target to shoot, There is no mission to complete, There is no playing character for holding your gun; now this is the incredible twist for the gamers in the game.

Flip the gun game has very simple mechanics but hard for use. The game will give one gun to the user, and the user just needs to take his gun as high as possible at height by shooting in air through the gun. So this is the main playing strategy of the game, and we think that its not that hard to play, but actually it is.

There are many achievements in the game that player has to achieve.

Legit Flip The Gun Hacks And Cheats To Earn Coins

All the guns in the game are based on the basic physics rules. We know that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so this rule is only based on the guns in the game. When you play the game you just need to take your gun at height on as high you can, you just need to fire the gun by only tapping on the screen in the correct direction, and take your guns as high as possible. By using following hacks you will be able to get free coins money in the game, So lets get started.

Always try to shoot in the ground direction : – When you are playing the game, Just try to shoot only when the mouth of the gun is in a ground side direction. Because if gunfire in any direction, it will go bounce in the opposite direction of this side. Remember that if once your gun is goes in the bottom of the screen and disappears you lose the match.

Try to stay in the center of the screen : – Try to stay in the center of the screen because, when you are in the middle of the screen you can learn and earn more coins and bullets in the game. Here one cool trick for doing best score, fire only when the mouth of the screen in below side from 180*, and don’t fire when the mouth of the screen is on 90* to ground direction.

Learn the proper use of some specific guns :- There are some bigger and coolest weapon in the game. The player can use incredible machine guns and missile launchers in the game. We know that machine gun has a large capacity of ammo but tap holds your finger for a long time you lose lots of ammo from the gun, therefore, to use a machine gun, tap for only a nanosecond on the screen, then you lose only one bullet from a gun.

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When you are trying to use missile launcher in the game, then try to fire only in the ground side direction because the missile gun has less amount of ammo.

Claim your free gifts from the game : –  Flip the gun game also features free gifts for their players. There are many free gifts which are available in the game, they come after every hour, and you just need to claim them only by tapping on the free gifts tab.

Watch advertisements :-  Watching ads in the game will gives two different advantages, the first one is, when you shoot with your gun then you are getting incredible amount of high score in it, but at that time you lose your bullets; sometimes game will give you the option to continue the match with seeing only one ad. So watch ads and save money. and we all know saving is earning.

This watching ads option also helps you to earn some money in the game free.

So, these were some basic hacks and cheats for the game, utilize them in your game, we know that it will satisfy you in game.

What About Flip The Gun Unlimited Coins Money Generators?

Trust us all of them are fake!! and doesn’t work. Even hacking is completely illegal unless the game developers know it. Most of the game developers hire freelance hackers to test their games server security against real life threats. by hiring these ethical hackers they can easily know where they can improve and what sections are poorly setup.

Many websites on the internet claims to have flip the gun unlimited money hack but they just try to steal your personal data and never works. So always keep in mind that there is no such thing like flip the gun online hack tool no survey.

What is on your screen?

After completing short beginners guide in the game, the player can see the home screen of the game. In the center bottom of the screen, there players best score is available, exact above of this the play tab is an available player can directly play the game from there.

On left bottom side of the play tab, there is player’s achievement is available, there is an achievement in the game. Exact above of the achievements there the player can see the score rank of itself as compared to over players from the world.

On the right bottom side of the screen or on the right side of the play tab there are various different challenges is available for each different gun.

In the center of the screen, there are all guns are available you just need t swipe there for explore all of them.

Between the play tab and guns, there is all basic information of the selected gun is available. In the right upper corner of the screen, there are coins of the gameplay can see there, and below of that, the free gifts are available.

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Stays tuned with us and flip the gun for latest updates and news for more games.

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