Fire Emblem Heroes – Few Secrets To Know About

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Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is a mobile title from Nintendo Co. Ltd. offered for iOS and Android devices in simulation category. There are numerous interactive features, vivid graphics and impressive gameplay is offered which can make you download it for must. This free to play game is also offering in-app purchases which means you can spend real money on it and get rid of all the issues with ease.

It is surely a difficult to learn game because it is dense and confusing in many things. However, there is no need to worry about it anymore. This Fire Emblem Heroes guide will be assisting you to get rid of all the issues and these are quite easier to follow. Make sure to learn the pure basics by focusing on tutorial. It will help in getting used to the common but important things. Lastly, don’t take currencies as granted.

Combat Guide Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is all about combat and the one who knows the core concept surely have the upper hand. It can be pretty much tough to figure out core concepts of playing but below given are Fire Emblem Heroes Tips which can surely assist you out. This streamlined battle seems to be organized but there are plenty of strategies which can help.

  • The deaths of emblems are temporary which means you should go for unlock of new ones and if they die then recovery processor will begin.
  • As after playing 2 to 4 turns, every hero can develop special techniques and these are added in heroes permanently so you can go with new moves.
  • No doubt, every higher level hero is able to deal with great amount of damage and rip of enemy. These should be your first priority.
  • While progression and earning XP, you should keep in mind to send mostly powerful heroes in firstly.
  • You can keep the melee heroes and armed with swords and many more in front line so you deal higher damage.
  • All the raged heroes who are equipped with tomes, staves, bows, daggers and many more other things are best one to attack from a distance.
  • Every hero has a limit and it also goes same for attack range. It also goes same with the movement speed.
  • Every mission has the harder version and you can also play it to earn higher amount of XP and it is quite helpful in winning.
  • Killing low level opponent won’t help in earning of higher amount of XP that’s why you should avoid poor matches.

Even there are many more Fire Emblem Heroes Tricks which can help out in eradicating all the issues with ease.

The Core Concept Of Color Wheel

It is the time to dive into this game and knowing some core concepts which can help in progressing with ease. Surely, the color wheel comes first in our list. Most of people don’t know that how it works. It is quite similar to Rock-Paper-Scissors method so if you have played this game ever then you will be getting the ease over learning it.

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It works like each weapon has a color literally and you can check it in heroes’ inventory. The pattern of its working is

  • If you have Green then it can kill Blue
  • Having a blue means killing red
  • And red can dominate over green

Just to get more into this color wheel, the swords can dominate over axes and laces are powerful over swords. Lastly, the axes are good against lances which mean each one has a advantage with disadvantage.

It pretty much shows that no one is best. The use of right tactic and weapon is important. You can remember the color pattern as after playing numerous matches. It will hard in beginning to remember all the patterns but these are easy to learn and if you pay proper attention then it will be easy to win.

Danger Areas

The defense is vital in every game and if you want to rich on apex then this is must to consider tip. It will guide you about danger areas and you need to keep these factors in mind. There is Danger Area button which is given in the battle menu and when you click on it, it is easy to find movement range and attack radio of enemies.

No doubt, it is the best features having advantages and disadvantages. There are few reasons which can make you sure about using the danger area function. First of all, know the potential dangerous opponent and it can pretty much helpful in knowing whether the opponent will come toward you or not. It is a good option ad you can rely on it due to the number of benefits in a battle. However, you should make sure to come up with a tactic.

Yes, there are many tactics possible and you can use them to assure the victory with ease.  Unique strategies always win and it can be time consuming and typical to come up with the best one. So focus on playing missions and completing daily tasks to learn the method of winning. This is the basic Fire Emblem Heroes Walkthrough and it will assist you out in faster progression and winning with ease.

Final Words

Fire Emblem Heroes has way more things than any other smartphone game and it requires complete attention to win. You can check out the reviews of expert gamers and assure the victory. This guide is basically Fire Emblem Heroes Review from experts which helps in learning pure basics and important factors. All you need is to focus on winning by coming up with unique tactic and being the top notch gamer.

In order to never face issue, earn currencies because it is vital in progression. If you are playing this game for short burst of time then it is better to rely on daily rewards. Always collect it so that you can earn pretty much good amount.

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