Some Essential My Singing Monsters Tips and Tricks

My Singing Monsters from Big Blue Bubble is ruling over Google Play Store and Apple App Store where the interactive features and vivid graphics making it best one.

This is free to play game with in-app purchases and you can find ads in it.

This simulation Freemium has various things to do and raising monsters is one of them. Literally, gamers need to focus on feeding the dragons and it can help in being the best gamer.

As you get into the game for first time, it asks you for push notification option and it is good option to go with because you will keep on getting notified for whatever happening in game. It can be changed lately so it is better to allow it. The next thing to focus on is signing in.

my singing monsters tips and tricks

My Singing Monsters

Apple users can go with Game center, email and others can go with Facebook option. It works for iOS devices too. It will help you know which friends are playing it.

Here in this guide, we will discuss My Singing Monsters Tips and many more things. Must pay attention to it otherwise being the top notch gamer isn’t easy at all.

Basic Tips for My Singing Monsters

For the very first time, you have an introductory tutorial and it introduces you with the basics and other factors of the game. It will teach you –

  • The method to purchase a monster from market.
  • Secondly, you will learn to feed the monsters.
  • Lastly, you will learn to keep the monsters happy.
  • Placing structure is important part and tutorial can help here.
  • Diamond is currency and you will learn the benefit.

There are two currencies in the game and diamond is premium. It will teach you the method to speed up the process by using diamond but skip it because diamonds are important and you have to save them as much as possible.


Coin is primary and common currency which can be earned by various methods. It is important to focus on earning higher amount otherwise being the top notch gamer isn’t easy. You can easily find so many My Singing Monsters Tricks to eradicate the issue related to resources and it is quite helpful in progression.

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Coins are used in the purchases of monsters and the decorative items mainly. Additionally, you can purchase structures, upgrades and food from bakeries. It is important because you have to feed the monsters to upgrade them. In initial stages, you start with the 1200 gold coins and lately, you keep earning more.

Green Gems

The premium currency of My Singing Monster game is Green gems and it is super hard to earn. This virtual currency allows you to purchase privileges such as you can complete breeding, upgrades of structures and other things instantly.  Even the premium monsters can’t be obtained without it so you should focus on it. This My Singing Monsters Walkthrough will help you know the method to obtain higher amount of it.

The game starts from 12 gems and you need to earn these by completing quests. The quests are good option until level 15 because the gem mine unlock at this stage. It can provide a decent amount and it is good enough to save your real money.  However, if you are still willing to spend real currencies on this virtual one then there is market offering in-app purchases. The purchases start from $.99 and you can get the suitable bundle of need.

Happiness Guide for My Singing Monsters

As told before, the game is all about keeping the monsters happy and if you are not able to do it then being the top notch gamer isn’t easy. There are various factors to take into consideration. Well, you can follow the given below My Singing Monster happiness Guide and get rid of all the issues with ease.

  1. Every monster in the game has few items (mostly four and more) and if you place the monsters directly next to these items then it will make them happy. It helps in decorating the island.
  2. Even you are able to check out that what are items making the monsters happy and it occur when you purchase any of the islands than the one you are from a while. It is a great option for upgrade.
  3. As every monster offer you hint so you can tap on the monster and then tap on the question mark icon to check what will be helpful in making the monster happier. It will ease up the work for you.
  4. A happy monster is good for you because it is able to provide enormous amount of coins and if a monster is fully upgraded then you can get awesome benefits easily. It is reliable method, right?
  5. As by clicking on monster, you can also check out the happiness meter and it will let you know that should you replace it or not. If a monster is 100% happy then avoid changing the position.

These are factors which can help in keeping your monster happy and anyone can focus on these to complete the game with ease. Even you can check My Singing Monster review to know that what major factors to pay attention are.

Breeding guide For My Singing Monsters

In this beautiful game, developers are offering numerous monsters and they are keeping on introducing new monsters in the game. Each one is able to help you out but you have to get better ones so progression become easier. Well, breeding is a great option which can help but you need to decide the combination so you get best one. Is it tough? Well, don’t worry and breathe! By following these My Singing Monsters Breeding Combinations, you can progress faster and get better monsters.

You can get started by placing a breeding den and you need to keep it on the island. It will help you get new monster and if you don’t have any breeding den then you can purchase it. You can tap on the den to get more options and there is heart icon to breed. All the monsters above level 4 can be used to breed and make sure to feed them to breed.  The menu will show you eligible monsters so choose them and everything is done.

Final Words

By following this quick guide, you can easily breed awesome monsters, keep them happy and be the top notch gamer in nick of time. Make sure to focus on vital factors wisely and play slow in beginning.

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