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Crossfire Legends

Hello And Welcome to today we are here with another guide for all of you, Crossfire Legends is the game which we will be looking into today, In this post you will learn about crossfire legends hack cheats and all newest tips and tricks you can use to improve your gameplay.

So without waiting further lets get started.

Top 7 Crossfire Legends Hacks And Cheats For Unlimited Gems And Gold

Claim Daily Rewards : – At the beginning of the game you can claim newbie reward. A team of the crossfire legends gives a handsome reward for their new players. You can grab those rewards by signing to the game daily for first eleven days. You got amazing things from those rewards like shotguns, handguns, machine guns, and other accessories like helmets, bulletproof jackets, backpacks, shirts, etc. Like that flairs, you can win this type of rewards from this logins. You can get daily sign-in rewards given by the game. You can earn same rewards from the daily sign-in rewards that you can earn from the newbie sign-in.

Complete Weekend Activity: – There are some weekend activities which will give you amazing rewards of the weapons and other items before playing any match, go to the events tab available in the home screen lobby and see at the last tab of the announcements section. At the last tab, you can see that there are weekend challenges, tap on that tab and readout those challenges to complete them. Once you complete them claim its reward quickly. The rewards of these challenges will not submit or claimed automatically in your inventory, you need to claim them manually by going in the weekend challenges tab.

Rewards with Twist of Time : – here’s one twist in the game which is quite hard to complete cause the twist of the time. In the announcement tab from the events, you can see that there are daily awards are available, but to complete them you need to login to the game during some specific time so look out the time and set alarm to log in at that correct time in the game to claim those rewards.

Monday is a lucky day, to gain rewards: – Crossfire legends team give free rewards on Monday, this is just a promotion which is run by them, but this deal is a very good agreement for you because to claim this reward you need to do nothing. You just need to log in on Monday.

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Claim Rewards of the Missions: – The rewards of the mission is like a surprise for you, because the challenges in the requirements of the mission are done by you in the matches and you don’t realize that you completed the mini challenges of the battles. Then just go in the mission tab, which is available on the lobby and claim its rewards, here is best chance to get experience points from the mission awards.

Buy Weapons with Offers : – When you wish to buy any of your favorite weapon, at that time, just take look once at all the sale offers on the weapons. The game often gives many offers on the weapons and on other flair items, if the deal is good for you then buy that particular weapon which has offer on it. because the weapons in the game has very high cost as compared to their abilities.

Use Microphone : – There is a microphone option in the game which you can use during the live match to discuss the match plan with your teammates in the player vs. Player matches. Using mic will make easy to co-operate with your friends in the fights.

Remember that best results of the player vs. Player match will give best rewards of gems of gold coins.

Those were top 7 cf legends hack and cheats you should know before playing the game.

More info about Crossfire Legends Game

Crossfire Legends is a thrilling, action-packed game which is created by Tecent games. CF legends game is first-person shooting as well as role-playing and online multiplayer game, which give the experience like that you are playing on the x-box, play station, pc but actually are playing this game on your mobile devices, CFL available for both Android and iOS devices.

You can meet with thousands of online player while you can play with the troops of your friends and also play in single mode with other multiplayer matches. The graphic content of the game is very good-looking; the content of the game is rated as 16+ on the Google play store with strong violence.

The game has downloaded by 1 million times from the Google play store and 57k people give well ratings to the game. The game is totally similar to pubg, and fortnite. At the beginning of the game, you need to log in with your Facebook or Gmail account to play the game.

Crossfire Legends Walkthrough Guide And Strategy

The game is multiplayer fps and having player vs. player, battle royale, ranked match, bot battle modes. There are many items and weapons in the game which need gems to buy, gems and the gold coins are the primary currency of the game which used to buy the upgrade and unlock new goods in the game.

You can play player vs. player matches in TDM, BOT, and demolition mode on the five fixed small areas. There are also ranking mode of matches, which is very helpful to play, you can easily rank-up your character in-game, and level-up him to unlock more rewards.

In the battle royale mode, you can play with 120 different players in the huge map of big city and forests. The player in the battle royale will dive from the plane towards the selected and safe areas on the ground, they need to find out weapons and stay alive till match end and also need to save self from the sandstorm areas. You can also play solo, duo and squad matches in this mode.

Bot battle is training matches which help you to check out your new weapon abilities and your skills but this matches also give training rewards.

There are events and other missions of the game in the bottom side of home screen lobby of the screen, to play other matches and face some cool challenges in the game.

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