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coin master game tips tricks cheats

Coin Master

Coin Master is a mobile game made by Moonactive games Israel, and released in 2010 globally. Coin master game is available on almost all mobile platforms like iOS, and Android. Gamers can get amazing experience of playing virtual slot machine online on their mobiles.  They provide a coolest Viking theme and empire building tasks in the game.

Become the strongest Viking by taking its avatar and build your empire with playing slot machines, and spin wheels. Earn coins and use to build the village, attack on another player’s village and loot coins from them.

Walkthrough of the Coin Master

Basically, the coin master is the family, casual arcade game. Coin master has very simple and easily understandable mechanism. You need to just play a slot machine and spin wheels in the game only, players can build their own mini village and protect this from other players because the coin master will allow to other players to attack your village.

Coin master game has very colorful, addictive and attractive graphics. The gamers will be addictive to play the game for hours and hours. Due to winning a lucky draw from slot machine and spin wheels.

They also give facility to play with connecting your Facebook friends on this game; you just need to invite them.

Gameplay Screen

When you first open your game window you can see the Thor standing with a cute pig on lots of money. On the bottom side of the screen, there are play and FB connect buttons are available.

After completing the beginner’s tutorials in the game you can understand that how to play coin masters game.

coin master cheats

In the upper left corner of the screen, players total coins are available there and exact besides of that your earned coins are available. Besides the total stars you can see three rounds of the shield, which will show the protection of player’s village; exact in beside of the shields there is more options tab is available for your game. In the bottom left corner of the village gameplay screen, there are build village tab is available.

When you swipe your screen from top to bottom; the slot machine is available on the screen, you just simply tap on the spin button to play the slot machine. There also in the right bottom corner of the screen there spinning wheel option is available.

Coin Master First Hand Review

Coin master has 4.5 rating on the Google play service. Mostly the player loves the game at first play and they will write mostly positive reviews in the rating section of the game.

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Most of the players from coin masters game are asking the developers for making changes in the slot machines because once your spins are finished then you have to wait for a specific time in the game for earning more spins. And then you have nothing to do in the game, It will frustrate sometimes to the player.

Playing Strategy and Tips and Tricks for the Coin Master Game

Remember that coin master game will allow you to connect with other players online in the game.

Log in to your Facebook : –  When you connect your Facebook account with the game profile, then the game will give you lots of rewards, Like 50 free spins and some amount of coins. Login to FB through Facebook will give big loot.

Invite your FB friends through the game :- Invite your Facebook friends through the coin master game, because if you invite some friends, they will give you 25 chargers for inviting other people through the coin master game.

Log in your Gmail account :- When you log in your Gmail account to the game, then you can earn some daily free spins from the game.

Collect Cards :- It is not about only to earn treasure and win next village, you need to earn some achievement cards to take a next in other villages. There are different sets of cards in coin master game.

Earn stars :- Earn stars at the beginning of the game because earning stars is the first condition to go forward for next village. You need to earn the specific amount of cards in the game.

Buy coins by Micro transaction :- Players can also buy gold coins by paying the real money through Micro transaction. If you are ready to pay for buy game currency then they will give you availabilities of amazing deals of coins in the game.

Conditions of the Slot Machine in Coin Master

For playing slot machine you just need to swipe the screen from upside down, there is the slot machine is available. You just need to tap on the spin button to run your lucky draw in the slot machine, if you have lots of spins, then you can also tap and hold for a second on the spin button, after that the slot machine spins automatically.

At the beginning of the game slot machine have its basic theme, remember that each village and gives its different theme to the slot machine with amazing and bigger other rewards.

Each roller in the slot machine has five objects only. You can see the pig, gold coin, and shield, coin sag, and hammer on the rollers of the slot machine.

The Jackpot of the shield :- When you got the jackpot of the three shields, then you got  one level up protection for your for your village.

Hammer Jackpot :- If you got a jackpot of the hammer, and then you are able to attack one time of another players village.

Coin Sag Jackpot :- If you got a jackpot of the coin sag in the slot machine; you cot a reward of 80,000 coins at the beginning of the game.

Pig Jackpot : – When you got the three pigs in the slot machine; then you are able to loot three times in only the same village.

Gold Coin Jackpot = This jackpot gives you only 20k coins is the game.

Sometimes you got nothing in the spin of the slot machine, but each time you got at least minimum 2k coins from the gold coin in the slot machine.

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