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castle crush hack no survey

Castle Crush

If you are a clash royale gamer and want to try something different, then castle crush is what you should try once.

Excellent gameplay with really awesome structure of battle will encourage you to play this game online. According to some people if you need unlimited gems and coins in castle crush then you must use castle crush hack and cheats without survey which can help you to level up very quickly.

We have created this article to research more deeply on this topic and we will find out the truth and lie at the end. So please read this article until the end to know the conclusion.

Castle Crush is considered to be epic multiplayer strategy war game and it is alternative to clash royale game.

The Need of Castle Crush Hack And Cheats For Gems Gold?

We will try to find out why exactly we need castle crush hack or cheats in the game, So when you start playing castle crush game we get around 100 gems and 100 coins which is sufficient to play the training castle.

We often need gems and gold to open the chests, We can get gold by winning the castle but in the beginning there are not many ways to get gems doing the tasks. If we don’t want to spend the gems to open chests. Then we need to wait at least 3 hours minimum to 9 hours max for silver chests.

That’s the reason everyone wants unlimited gems in castle crush game.

Most online websites claim to give everyone free gems and gold using castle crush hacks and cheats, but let us tell you the truth. There is no such thing as castle crush hack or castle crush generator which can get you unlimited gems and gold.

Actually the game is server sided so we cannot hack or cheat into the game, because our data is constantly synced through castle crush servers.

So it’s impossible to hack castle crush game externally using any kind of technique.

Castle Crush Game The Gameplay

When we first open the game, The training castle will take over and we need to learn first how to play the game using this training castle.

It will ask us to play 5 battles and only after winning them we can get wooden chest. It comes with around 13-18 gold.

We can use the gold to upgrade the levels of our troops, upgrading troops can give us more attack power health and speed so we can use these features to eliminate more troops of the enemy and win the castle faster.

We also get few cards to unlock when we win the castles, Each card gives us a new troop, most of the times system award us with common troops, But sometimes we can also get rare cards which has awesome troops like siege ballists, orc, We can also get EPIC card and warrior like mage can be unlocked, inferno and so on.

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Once we have enough troops we can start playing the castle crush with real online opponents, like we do play in clash royale. The same way it get started

There would be 3 lanes which we can use to battle with opponent, Our troops can attack using any one of the lane we want. But its wiser to use all the lanes. We can build our own strategy to eliminate the opponent’s troops quickly.

We would be assigned with a deck where we can keep our troops team, We can change it as per our needs.

Top 5 Castle Crush Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

In this section we will look into top castle crush tips which will help the players early on in a match, So read this complete section if you want to get the edge over your opponent when it matters at the start of a match.

  1. At first focus on your low mana cards, the ones you have you need to play smart if possible. If you opponent plays their own low mana cards, Then we need to try and counter it if we can. This actually gives us time to work towards our high mana cards. If we can win these early battles and gives us space to build momentum towards their castle. So we just need to counter attack the enemy with same power card.
  2. Something which really important in tips is that clearing cards at the right time, As we don’t want to get rushed early, So if we have arrows then we need to make sure we should time it right or can be lights out, So try to make sure that all the troops we have should get together that we possibly can, We don’t want to leave any high power troops out there.
  3. Some other cards like lightning and bomb needs to be very accurate, We don’t want to waste any of them due to bad target.
  4. If we are getting rushed with opponent’s cards at the early stage, then we need to make sure that we should be having enough health to take some hits especially from these weaker cards.
  5. We need to figure out what is the biggest threat to our castle, or how can we defend it using the right cards at the right time.

Those were top 5 tips and tricks to apply when you play castle crush game.

Castle Crush Gems Generator No Survey Worth It?

You must have heard about castle crush gems generator no survey, Not only heard but we can guarantee you that you might have used it in past, But you always had negative result, We know it because there is no such thing which can generate you unlimited free castle crush gems without buying it. All those who are claiming to provide free castle crush gems are fake. You just can’t hack the game the reason we have already given, Always remember server based games we cannot hack or modify.


So if you are looking for free castle crush hack and cheats then we have listed top 5 ways to use game resources wisely, if you follow them all you don’t need any kind of castle crush hack or gems generator. Try them and let us know your feedback in comments section.

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